Other sites similar to Elitetrader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by MktSkills, Jun 1, 2001.

  1. I was recommended this site from "Daytrading like a Pro" and I found this site very supplemental. After exploring many trading sites i figured there was some "substance" to this one. What other sites do you guys (Arch.,Baron,rhtarp,zboy,mjt,and co.) freguently visit for quality educational content for both beginning and current traders?

  2. Thanks Rob and Sniper, those sites are helpful. Let me know if you guys run into any others worth mentioning...$R
  3. I visit only two trading sites on a regular basis ---- this one and tradingmarkets.com. Tradingmarkets has excellent commentary, a battery of proprietary indicators that are often helpful to me, and good boards with real-time interaction with other index futures traders. Elite trader is more execution/broker/software/hardware oriented ---- Trading Markets emphasizes market direction itself.
  4. Tradingmarkets is great too! Sitting back and hearing what other traders have to say is a great way to supplement your trading education. It's a more personal experience since you can hear their tone and emotion and you can decide for yourself whether they themselves believe what they are saying.

    I still haven't read all there is to this extremely informative site but I've had many beginner's questions answered. I'm glad there are so many helpful members who devote thier time to helping people get started in this lucrative business, the help you guys give will surely come back to you in more times than you'd ever think!;)