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  1. Today the blogosphere, tomorrow the world...

    You will be a mover and a shaker in no time at all!
  2. Are you taking the piss or are you serious?
  3. I am taking a piss, sire... In a very gentle and non-offensive way, I hope.
  4. Well atleast now you are calling me sire, which means you are addressing me properly now.
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  6. Martinghoul is merely rude and sarcastic. I suggest you ignore him.
  7. I do try. But he often gets a rise out of me.
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    Morganist, I do read your articles sometimes. I did not read this one entirely however, because it started to give me a mild headache. I'm just going to guess here that if you just pitch all the mumbo jumbo and economist's stuff out the window, that the gist of this article is that in a deflating economy I might be willing to pay you a little bit (negative interest rates) to take some money of my hands because, though you were going to pay me back fewer dollars than I loaned to you, I'd be happy, because the purchasing power you returned to me would be greater than the purchasing power I lent.

    Is that the underlying idea here? Anyway it is an interesting observation that Joe the Plumber sees only incredibly high inflation in energy and food, and he hasn't refinanced yet to get his mortgage payments reduced by the $300/Month that might compensate him for his high food and energy costs.

    It seems that in this current U.S. economy inflation is very much in the eye of the beholder, and low inflation is very much a product of a Fed equation.

    Anyway, don't lose sleep over deflation. It ain't going to happen in a debtor nation with a fiat currency.

    Or, if that is just complete bullshit, how about I borrow a lot of money at 3 % and pay it back in an economy with a real inflation rate of 8%. That looks a lot like negative interest to me.

    Oh, and I would ignore Bwolinsky's advice Re: Martinhoul, if I were you. Martinhoul happens to be one of the people you should be paying attention to.
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