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  1. Just curious:

    How many traders out there are trading other markets during the evenings, or early mornings?
    FYI, I'm on the East Coast, and looking for other markets (liquid) to trade other than the US.

    Any suggestions from anybody with experience trading other markets?
  2. T-REX



    EUR/USD ....GBP/USD......USD/CAD........ALL THE WAY DUDE!!!:D
  3. Forex futures. I trade Jap Yen. Euro early morning.
  4. Don't the Eastern and Australian stock markets open in the evening EST ? Not sure of the exact hours.

    I think the German stock market opens 3am EST.
  5. BND


    Trade EUREX bonds from the east coast.
  6. EURO FX

    on TS it is @EC

    seems to be a nice mover from 5:00am-11:00am PST.

    So far I've had nice results.

  7. Just started trading the morning session of the Hang Seng futures. (9:45pm-12:30am EST)
  8. questions (forgive me ignorance, but here's a good chance for some brokers to plug their services):

    can US citizens trade foreign futures?

    can US citizens trade foreign stocks?

    can US citizens trade US stocks on foreign markets, and why would you do this?

    (i already know that US citizens can't trade foreign options)

    thanks in adv,
  9. BND


    Never traded european stocks, strictly a bond trader. Personally, I only trade spreads, hardly hold overnight. With an orderbook so fat you'll never have to ask if you can get filled on a 5 lot. Congrats on a eurex thread, bout time.
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