other forums then ET.

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  1. danielc1


    Is it me or is ET a little bit all about how not to trade but how to compare who has the biggest you know what?

    Looking for other forums for more comparison... Euhmm, I mean trading idea's in general. What is your favorite trading forum?
  2. Lornz


    No other forum beats ET on entertainment value, I don't even have a TV anymore...
  3. Argent


    ZeroHedge has its virtues as a source of breaking financial dirt. The quality of the posting is one notch above ET's scatalogical standards. I post there whenever article authors read like they might be ET refugees needing to be put in their place.
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    All have different pros and cons. Remember, the E in ET stands for Entertainment.
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  7. Meh, after you learn how to trade, those other forums are like watching paint dry.

    ET is waaaay more fun:D
  8. If more ET Posters were to lodge a complaint (bottom RH corner of screen) about negative personal and offensive attacks, this would give Joe a better opportunity to warn then ban certain members which would go a good way toward cleaning up ET to a higher standard.

    In my opinion the Traders with knowledge will shut up permanently if they are attacked with negative and snide comments.

    I have stock777 on ignore from long ago but saw this comment when not logged on with my user name. Obviously I lodged a complaint re this.