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  1. Let us say you have been a breakeven plus a bit more trader for a few years. However, you'd like to move on to some other job outside of trading which may not pay the same initially, but offers a clear career path. In your estimation, how would propping look to prospective employers for a position in a professional career occupation (outside of trading/financial services)? Do they consider it respectable or goofing off, meaning the person could not hold another job? How do the skills developed in trading translate to other professions? For example, if someone has a JD, but may not wish to be a lawyer, the credentials obtained from law school are looked upon by many employers highly, in fields like banking, product management and consulting.
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    The primary thing one does during an interview is sales. You are selling yourself, and you have to be able to translate skills aquired through your trading experience into skills that would be utilized in the position for which you are applying. For instance, developing business plans (trading strategies), execution and management of that plan, crtitical decision making, time management, organizational skills, etc......

    The important thing is to be yourself, and to not answer questions that you don't know the answer to. Just tell them the truth. Otherwise you will end up in a position that you won't be successful in anyway, and will just end up looking for another job.

    Just my two cents.
  3. Don't let any prospective employer label you a 'daytrader.' It will mean immediate and irreversible death to your candidacy. Your job as a job seeker is to account for your time while avoiding this label at all costs. Not that it is negative but, the assumptions the general public hold are quite negative.