Other brokers with API?

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  1. anyone know which brokers besides IB offer APIs to interface with their trading software? I am particularly interested in stock brokers who offer this.
  2. forgot to mention that I don't care about brokers who don't offer per-share pricing.
  3. but if you decide to be flexible, Cyber has an API.
  4. They have a nice API, check on yahoo groups for more information.
  5. DavidL


    I am fairly confident that MB Trading will be offering an SDK (software development kit) which would allow anyone to connect to their servers. I think this includes order, risk and price servers. I am a beta tester for them and i can tell you this is the mbt navigator without the front end (UI).
  6. Can someone explain what API is. Is there where you can build your own front end?
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    API = Application Programming Interface. Essentially a set of functions exposed for third party applications to use. In the case if IB, you could write your own trading application, although TWS would still need to be installed and running. Same for Cyber. Redi also has an API exposed for programmers.
  8. That sounds pretty awesome, actually. Too bad I'm not a programmer, because I've only found two order entry systems I like and I don't have access to either of them....
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    It is nice. I have written order entry code for IB, Cyber, and REDI+. Being able to make custom order entry applications is certainly a benefit in my eyes, if only to make a user more comfortable.
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    PT allows for API... and per share trading...
    But make sure you talk to a manager... seems the customer service reps do not know frequent flyers can get a different rate.

    I know they use API with AT Financial, and egsignal and others...
    But I do not know about making your own software... but their software looks very basic. Should not be as complex as Cyber or IB, thus easier to integrate with I would think...

    I have been using them for a while now... seem OK. They are small so they treat big commission people better than some larger firms. Someday I hope to see some of this treatment!! LOL!!

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