OTCBB quotes do not have size?

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    I could be wrong, but I am kind of remembering when I traded ibiz.ob in early 2004, I saw sizes of bid and ask. Now I only see bids and asks but I don't see how large they are.

    My memory could be wrong. Is OTCBB Level1 and Level2 quotes always like that, or it quires extra fee to see sizes?
  2. What stocks are you watching? IBIZ? It's not a valid symbol.
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    ETLT.ob and IBIN.ob
  4. Typical mm games. Knight or someone parks on the bid and the ask. Doesn't change unless there's activity. At least the spread is normal. Like Jordan says, you gotta move with your enemies not against them.
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    i think it is an EXCHANGE rule, not mm game. because all otcbb stocks i current watch don't show sizes.

  6. many MM games in the ballpark..they show size just not actual size...it could be alot more, but not less than the size shown.. they will only reflect orders that have certain size and dont reflect if ur order is less than the size needed to reflect...:confused: :eek: :p
  7. WWAT 11x5 but volume is already close to 5m.
    ABAT 5x5 volume of 25k.
    ALAN 7x2 volume of less than 7k.
    CYRX 100x100 and volume of less than 9k.

    Go figure. I chalk it up to games.
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    if i am correct.
    for price under $0.5, it shows 5000, as OPBL.ob
    under $1, shows 2500, as ETLT.ob
    above $1, shows 500, as IBIN.ob and NTRZ.ob
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    WWAT is otcbb,
    ABAT.OB shows 55
    ALAN is not OTCBB
    CYRX.pk shows no order.

    So the only thing showing sizes are WWAT.ob, maybe because they have many active specilists and they need accurate data.
  10. ETLT for example goes 5000 under .50 ; 2500 between .51 and 1.00; 500 1.01 and higher...

    now those are the least they will take if they do take them ( MM games ). Meaning they could print there and yet ur order not get filled sometimes...if you want to place an order for 200 shares at 1.02 they may not rflect it there...the order may go to NITE and they might go to lets say 1.05 and make the difference but for a 500 share order at 1.02 they should reflect a big majority of the time....now NITE could be showing 500 at 1.02 and get off 5000 at that level without changing the 500 size...got it...
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