OTCBB Knowledge group

Discussion in 'Trading' started by cgtrader, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. As I know that penny stock talk is not wanted here on ET, I ask;

    Is there any interest for some of us who have knowledge of the OTCBB/Pink Sheet markets to have a place to go to discuss real information, a place that is certainly not for mentioning any particular stocks whatsoever?

    Is there are interest for something like this? A private wiki perhaps?

    I think we could learn a lot from each other.
  2. To clarify:

    A place to talk about dealing with different mm's, how to trade OTCBB, and other specific to OTCBB topics.

    No pumping of individual stocks would be tolerated, there are already thousands of places for that.

    I'm looking for a place for some serious talk.
  3. what do you want to know? like how to tell if a wall is fake or if some is short? or just basic stuff on what kind of strategies work on otc?
  4. If you want a detailed analysis of Penny Stocks, especially with pink sheets (OTCBB), etc. Then clik the link, its from a website i belong to and they provide a lot of quality advice.


  5. There are too many different thoughts on OTC stocks. Buy the value growth with good management who can execute or get fucked. If you don't buy into a company with good management you're throwing your money away save for really short term plays.

    If you're trying to trade OTC good luck, it's a momentum game and seems rather baseless when investing can garner some incredible returns and is much easier.
  6. It's a very good place to go because that is where hundreds of naked shorts exist (maybe thousands.). I'm uncomfortable talking about it, though.

    It's a tough game, but there are groups of pros out there right now exploiting these stocks on the upside. The street is very vulnerable because of the credit crunch. They have to reign in the naked shorts, or be on the hook for money they can ill afford to lose.