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Discussion in 'Options' started by Kosmita, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. Kosmita


    do you know any broker, which provides OTC options for DJIA/Nasdaq/ SP500 (SPX) ? What abaut liquidity at this market?
    Do you have any experience with this market?
  2. MTE


    Why OTC? Are you looking for exotics?

    The big guys like UBS offer exotics, but you need the appropriate account size for that.
  3. Kosmita


    I've a great strategy - but it works only for very short expiration dates (in my case for 1 week options). So i'm looking for a broker which may offer me options for US indexes, where i'll be able to set my own expiration date (as i sad 1 week duration - but i'll trade nearly every day, so 1 week for each day).

    And what does it means - "the big guys" - how big?
  4. I wish I had a nickel for everytime I've said, "I've a great strategy." Seriously, just a nickel.
  5. MTE


    The bigs guys=big investment banks like UBS, GS and etc.

    SPY, SPX and others have weekly options, not weekly for every day, but pretty close to what you are looking for. Also the Australian index futures have daily options, i.e. options that expiry daily.
  6. Funny thread. Wins an Emmy for daytime comedy.
  7. Kosmita


    I know there are 1 week options (it's not too hard to know that) but it's not possible to buy/sell them for every single day. So they are only for one week, and not for every single day of the week.

    Atticus why you find it funny? If you had a strategy with 98% win/loos ratio and a broker which allows you to trade that what would you do? The answer is: look for another broker, when your's will change the rules - right? And i'm doing exactly that.
    So maby for you it's funny, for me it's thinking abaut future:)
  8. Only 98% hit rate? You're slipping. There is nothing special about weekly expirations. I assume you're talking about touch-exotics, but you're too thick to elaborate. Killfiled.
  9. Kosmita


    I don't get it - why you say "go away"? Did i hurt you?

    I've only asked if anyone knows a broker which allows to trade OTC options for SPX. Is it so much?

    You dont belive me? I can give you the name for small broker which offers options for DJIA where you can set your own expiration date - it works like OTC market. But i can't find the other one.

    Abaut 98% hit rate - you dont belive - thats your opinion. Dont need your applause.
  10. Clueless. Vanilla or exotics? If exotics, which breed, American or European? Touch/DT? Euro binaries? Lookbacks? Quatloos?
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