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Discussion in 'Trading' started by ProveUwrong, Jan 10, 2002.

  1. Hey, has anyone had any experience in trading under the OTC Bulletin Board. If so have you had any luck. What should you look for in a OTC stock? :confused:
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    Puw,I work them from time to time.Some of my best % returns have been off otcbb stocks.
    If you can get the break of a longer term resistance level backed with volume they can be quite rewarding.
    Volume rules tho ok,be mighty careful without it.
    The guys with better account balances will probably tell ya to stay the hell away from them but from my angle they can offer good leverage..
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    With so many good stocks out there, why would you want to trade the crap?
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    Brandon alot are crap i agree,but some of the moves are well worth getting into if you pick them up early enough.
    Couple up some volume on these shitters and see what can happen.
    Biko - 08/21/01- 4 days- up more than 266%
    Bsti - 10/02/01 - 5days - up more than 285%
    Vlpi - 10/09/01 - 7 days -up more than 600%

    As far as i see it its action and i don't mind what exchange their on.
    Not everyones cup of tea i'm sure,I can't go buy 1000 Nvda so its why i watch em.
    P.S those %'s are what the stock did,not my account unfortunatly but hey maybe the next one.
    Trying to let profits run on otcbb's can bite,don't fall in love with em.
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    Been spending a bit more time down in the otcbb while this market makes up its mind what its doing...
    Been coming across some interesting finds.
    If anyones interested heres some recent examples
    Certainly a dollar to be had if there found early enough.