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  1. Haven't bought a new computer for 3 years, so a bit behind.

    Can anyone recommend a good notebook for basic website designing for up to 2k?
  2. Check out the Sony Vaios and the Toshiba Satellites and Porteges (depending on how small you want it).
  3. Dell also has some good deals right now. Just purchased a refurbished Inspiron 5100, 2.53ghz P4, 512ram, CDRW/DVD, 32MB video, 15inchSXGA for $1207 with free shipping.
  4. Ok, If you just have the need to be up there in price and horsepower, try this:


    Personally, I don't think you'd require that large a $$ tab. There are many schools of thought out there as to how powerful you really need. For a few charts and some streaming data needs, this would be fine:


    I use my laptops for several things including trading. I bought most of them used through eBay. I have HP, Dell and Compaq units. Here's a deal on the main unit that I currently use:


    This is the unit that I use for my web design stuff. Hope this helps! :)
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    FWIW... That deal on the HP looks like a winner. I've had an HP laptop for 2 1/2 years and had absolutely zero problems (and that's running on Win Me, no less)!
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    just order the same but with $100 discount and then another $100 in mail rebate(miss dead line for that 10% coupon tho).
  7. My next notebook is an HP. I have had 4 dell notebooks, on three of them the harddrives have failed. My current notebook n inspiron 8000 had the hard drive go out on it about 6 weeks ago.

    Sometimes it's sudden, but this time it started making a clicking sound about two weeks before it quit working so I actually was able to back up most of my stuff.

    Also the dell laptops seem to have a problem with the earphone jacks going bad. i.e. they strip out. I plug headphones into my laptop all the time and when the little thing they plug into goes bad you have to replace the entire module that it sits in. 89 bucks.
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  9. Thanks all! Will take a look into all those.:)
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