OT- Interview for an article on the lending/home buying sector

Discussion in 'Trading' started by sdtrader, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. and how it affects traders.

    Got an email from a friend of mine who is writing a story for the Boulder Daily Camera. This isn't up my alley- but maybe someone here might be a good interview?

    PM me if interested and will forward your contact info.
    Am working on business story about the problems with the mortgage business. The story will focus mostly on the fallout in the lending/home buying sector. But I want to bring in how that's affecting people in the stock market. I'm looking for a source (someone to interview briefly and be able to quote in the story) and wondered if you'd be interested. Shouldn't take but 5-10 minutes on the phone Monday or Tuesday.
  2. just one bump. Anyone?