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  1. Keep getting these damn popups from a site called "www.win250dollar.com"

    Used several programs (adaware, spybot) to clean up my system but this one doesn't seem to go away. Any tips?
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    Do you have a virus checker installed?

    Last year I installed Norton Antivirus on my bro's computer, and it found a virus that was designed to take him to some stupid porn site from time to time. Not malicious, but still annoying. Norton got rid of it. You might have something similar on your machine.
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  5. What exactly do you mean when you say you are getting spyware from that site? I looked there and there is no software there. Are you getting some software installed on your computer or are you looking at cookies in your browser?
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  8. Two ways to handle that:

    1. I've heard good things about adaware. Here's a review:


    2. ZoneAlarm. If a port is opened on your computer, you must give it permission, i.e. it will ask if you want so-and-so app to connect to the internet. One caution: Zone Alarm will sometimes interfere with cable connectivity, but you could always try it. I used it successfully for a year before I bought my router.
  9. just install and run SPYBOT often ..thats all you need to rid the pests.
  10. after cleaning up, you may consider not using IE for web browsing, as it is the (together with Outlook) seems to be the primary source of these problems
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