OT: Can anyone say they ever used a decent mover?

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  1. To move your stuff interstate?

    I cannot find a decent honest good opinion on anyone.

    I figure this board has many different people so surely someone has had a good experience.

  2. billa


    i've lost count of the number of cross country moves i've made

    the best way for me has been to lease a 48 ft.trailer load from a commercial hauler looking for a return load - coast to coast, about $1500 plus a day's work for a couple of guys on each end to load and unload,

    if i move again, i don;t think i can fit everything in a 48 footer !

    good luck!:)
  3. All movers I have ever used suck... and I have used a ton!!

    Please let me know if and when you ever find a decent,dependable, trustworthy mover.....
  4. Lucrum


    Same experience here, apparently the only prerequisites for being a mover are laziness, stupidity and incompetence.
  5. http://www.unitedvanlines.com/mover/

    I used them to move from Rhode Island to New Jersey and for an intrastate move in New Jersey. Good service and very professional both times.
  6. Used Mayflower once, coast to coast. Everything went ok. Nothing lost or damaged.
  7. I am getting ready to choose a mover again and I guess I have to keep my fingers crossed :(

    looking to move from Austin to San Diego
  8. I am leaving San Diego area for Colorado.
    Why would you leave Austin? I heard it is super friendly and nice there.
    San Diego isn't for everyone. It traps you with it's beauty but making friends here is tough. I wish you luck.

  9. My wife and I are relocating as she took a job offer there she couldn't refuse.

    I don't feel like typing out 10,000 words right now but let's just say Austin is not all it's made out to be. Unless of course you are 18, don't shower, like girls who don't shower, love hippies, like to eat ONLY Mexican food all day every day, and love 105deg with 70% humidity weather....

    Just not for us...

    Good luck with your move :)
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