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  1. Gotta go with the underdog tonight with the Buckeyes. Since everyone is on the LSU boat, it seems like OSU is the right choice this year.

    Yes, it's a homer pick as well.

  2. Most likely another Big Ten embarrassment.

    Already Illinois got slapped in the Rose Bowl.

    Every year they get 8 bowl games and end up 2-6 or 3-5.

    Every year they get 7 or 8 teams into the NCCAA BB tourney and 5 or 6 never make it out of the first round.

    The Big Ten sucks.
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    What's embarassing is my conference, the ACC. 2-6 in bowl games. Big Ten ain't much better at 3-4. I do agree Big Ten is constantly overrated, especially in pre-season rankings. I think it's a northern thing with respect to the media; the journalists went to these schools and write for the big northern media markets.

    --Ohio State just scored, looks like this year is going to be more interesting. Ohio State is a good team I just hate the way they get into the game by doing nothing while everyone else plays. But the system is to blame as much as they are.
  4. Surprised that both teams offensive lines are manhandling the supposed great defensive lines.

    Gaping running holes and all day to throw the ball.
  5. Sorry, man, "embarrassing" is the word for the WAC.

    In addition to the Sugar Bowl debacle, Hawaii just lost June Jones due to a moron AD and a reluctance to upgrade facilities...pathetic.
  6. Hmmmmmmm....halfway there.

    Did I mention....

  7. Wow, this is terrible.

    The personal fouls are just ridiculous!! Unreal.
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    I have never seen so many missed tackles in my life. My Grandma's could kick OSU's ass and they've been dead for over 40 yrs.

    PS And I thought Va Tech was over rated:D
  9. Could be making this interesting again...

    Let's go BUCKS.
  10. Sucks to be a football fan in Cleveland here last few weeks... Browns lose to Cinci and don't make playoffs... Bucks disappoint again in the title game...

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