Ostk, the stock.....

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  1. Come on. You see it. What's fundies got to do w/ anything when the stock hasn't settled a trade in over 600 days.

    30 mm??? 60mm? what if there were only ten? Prime Brks must be calling these animals in.
  2. Lonelyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I'm Mister Lonelyeeeeeeeeeeee, but I'm not shorteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, cuz there gettin' screwed..........................
  3. keeps going higher

    nutty CEO=higher price?

    Maybe if Balmer wears a tinfoil google hat microsoft may double
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    i suggest you take this over to investors village, as nobody here really cares about this
  5. I care about it. I got some fucked up stocks on REG SHO and would love to see naked shorts actually deliver the shares.

    I think OSTK has been the poster boy for the situation and using them as the example in the media. Hopefully some others will get a boost.
  6. I suggest if a stock is up 85% and you don't care about, get a job in Lawn Care. I put it here for information. I don't care much for Politics and Religion, but I think it's great people do.

    And btw., when the host tries to throw off any reference to OSTK, there is probably more on the table.

    Have a nice day!:D
  7. Tried to short some yesterday...but one avalable at Merrill...anyone able to sell it?
  8. I knew some guys who bought some puts based on Cramer's rant, figuring he was setting up the longs.

    Guess he was setting u p the longs. He's waving a 54 page document, saying he read everypage (so I hear. I don't watch him) and he happened to miss the 35 day window the Naked Shorters have???? He ain't that stupid.
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