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  1. :eek: Sith lord driving his stocks manipulation...ROFLMMFAO...LOLOLOLOLOL
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    this is hilarious...he sounds like a 11 yr old playing with action figures and explaining the battle to his mom
  3. i got smoked in that stock:mad:
  4. i think the CEO is hilarious:D
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    After watching that interview, no wonder OSTK is hard to borrow. How can you be an investor in that stock and sleep at night?
  6. dont


    As someone said on another thread I am your father Patrick. Milken sorry Sith Lord
  7. I hope the next interview has a light saber fight between Patrick and the other guess. :) I sense a disturance in the Force of Overstock.....................lol
  8. After that interview I would flatten out my position in it regardless of long or short and never look back.......ugh. What an embarrassment....
  9. I watched the interview. Both parties were not necessarily impressive.

    However, Byrne claims to have affidavts, evidence, a prominent law firm on his side, etc.

    Add that to the fact that the dynamics of the stock's float vis-avis short positions makes no sense.

    Plus, Herb Greeenberg never a shy one , refused to appear on the show and only issued a statement (probably edited by a lawyer).

    Great crimes/conspiracies always seem so far-fetched that those who first discuss them seem mad...but what is truly mad is that crime/greed contine to thrive.

    This story is just beginning and if I can make some prediction - some one on some side will go to jail/get in big trouble for this.

    The saga continues.
  10. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........ dont tell anyone , but I'm "The Puppet Master".....................May the Force be with you all in your trades"
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