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Discussion in 'Journals' started by osorico, Mar 1, 2006.

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  1. New month, new $5k account, new methods, so what the heck, a PnL journal.

    1) New account clearing through RCG. Initial funding, $5000 exactly.

    2) Using RCG Onyx platform. Not great but it works with no platform fee, at least for now.

    3) Trading only YM ... 3.90 RT all-in ... $500 daytrade margin.

    4) Self-imposed maximum number of contracts per trade... 3.

    5) Self-imposed max loss per contract... $125
    Self-imposed max loss-per-day... $250 (supersedes per contract loss)
    When/if per day max loss is hit, no further trading can occur
    that day AND the next 2 trading days.

    6) RTH trading hours only. No pre or after market trading, unless extraordinary circumstances (ie terrorism, acts of war, acts of nature, currency policy changes like pegging/devaluation, anything else extraordinary and usually exogenous)

    7) Flat by the closing bell. No overnight holds. Keeping in mind the pre and after hours trading rule above.

    Trading style...
    Intraday swing and scalping. All trading is discretionary, that is to say the proprietary system used to determine trade entry and exit is not automated.
    Note: my meaning of scalping is 2-12 points per contract. This differs from the standard of 2-5 points.
  2. Strange day. Weak signals (low-to-mid probabilties) most of the day. A winning day nonetheless. And a good win ratio! The one loser today was a fake mini breakout.

    3/1/06 PnL (Net) $ 369.90

    Count Profitable Win Ratio
    Longs 7 6 86%
    Shorts 2 2 100%

    B/S Qty Date Time Price Hold Time Gross
    B 1 03/01/2006 07:31:48 11034
    S 1 03/01/2006 07:36:40 11040 00:04:52 $30

    B 1 03/01/2006 07:39:29 11034
    S 1 03/01/2006 07:44:11 11040 00:04:42 $30

    S 1 03/01/2006 08:02:26 11040
    B 1 03/01/2006 08:24:05 11023 00:21:39 $75

    B 1 03/01/2006 08:40:55 11031
    S 1 03/01/2006 08:58:16 11040 00:17:21 $45

    B 1 03/01/2006 09:14:13 11040
    S 1 03/01/2006 10:09:06 11068 00:54:53 $140

    B 1 03/01/2006 11:05:00 11070
    S 1 03/01/2006 11:06:36 11065 00:01:36 ($25)

    B 1 03/01/2006 11:54:25 11064
    S 1 03/01/2006 12:01:13 11071 00:06:48 $35

    B 1 03/01/2006 12:42:49 11064
    S 1 03/01/2006 12:43:46 11069 00:00:57 $25

    S 1 03/01/2006 13:45:44 11064
    B 1 03/01/2006 13:50:51 11054 00:05:07 $50

    Totals 9 01:57:55 $405
    Avg 00:13:06 $45

    Commish $35.10
    NET $369.90
  3. OK lot's of format issues with trade post. Seems I've got several things to deal with to get this forum-ready.

    Must write a program to suck RCG reports into a format acceptable for posting. By themselves the RCG reports suck, and need much editing to eliminate "personal" info as well format. Posting an XL SS is an option too. But still requires programming as my "main" tracking workbook is not formatted for post either.

    Maybe just post Win Ratio??

    Oh well, good enough for the next few trading days.
  4. Hey osorico
    Good luck to your trading
    I like the rules u have kept for your self > self imposed :)
    Can you tell me what kind of software are u using
    I am paying $7 RT W STRunner
    Very good software
  5. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    you can snag a pic of your transactions page instead.
  6. What broker are you using O ?

    I like the rules.

    I like your results.

    Repeat it over and over until it becomes automated in your mind.
    Then bump it up to 10 cars and make some ching.

  7. Reconciliation with daily statement highlighted a fat finger error on my part... In my favor by $10 :cool:

    3/1/06 PnL (Net) $ 379.90

    Also, just for clarity...
    Times listed in *MY* posts are MST.
  8. Thank you Vol...

    Brokerage for this account is InfinityBrokerage. I'm hoping some time in the not distant future Trade Navigator will be acceptable (IMO). InfintyBrokerage is one of only a handful offering it. If it wasn't for that, well, you know my feelings about RCG.
  9. Hi ksonsinc...

    Thanks for the comments. The rules are the only thing that keep me grounded. Otherwise I'd probably blow up in 1/2 a day! My broker told me I'm good for 12 cars at a clip... rules rule!!

    I gotta say your $7 RT with SR seems very high... Even with SR Pro you should get somehere < $7. With a $5 flat RT (ok, but not great) commish + SRPro fees would only be $6.50... Time to renegotiate??


    BTW: I use Esignal for charting and real-time price analysis... I trade based on price action, mostly.
  10. Hey osorico
    I am starting ti trade the emini from 1 week
    And hopefully let see how it goes : )
    I have been trading stock but not soo good either due to my mistake or my dam luck :(
    If u ahve any advice will be greatly appricated :)
    #10     Mar 2, 2006
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