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  1. are oversold issues/overbought issues for a market, under any o/s or o/b criteria.
    If we consider, for example, RSI(14)>65 as an o/b criterion, then we may count in daily basis how many stocks fill the criterion and create a new function, the RSI overbought issues [similar to AdvIssues] or, in brief, the RSIobi.
    The RSIobi for the N100 market never exceeded 50 the last years.
    [the green line in the att. gif]
    A value above 45 is equivalent to a strong Sell suggestion.
    Enjoy the last 6 Sell signals.
    The March24 peak was dramatic : The RSIobi dropped from 48.5 to 5.9 !!!
    Dimitris Tsokakis
  2. The StochD overbought issues or, in brief, StochDobi, is the population of the stocks with their StochD()>70.
    They are easily defined when you run the
    values11 = os>0;
    values12= ob>0;

    Enjoy the 12 profit taking points for the N100 market the last 2 years scanning with

    Ob= Foreign("~stochdobi","V");
    Sell=Ref(Ob,-1)>70 AND Ref(Ob,-1)==HHV(Ob,3);

    It would be better to take some profits when the signals appear and I hope you agree.
  3. You may add the 7th sell signal of Tue, May6 close.
    RSOobi was at 49.5 and stopped there.
    The signal anicipated the May7 situation : RSIobi dropped to 34.6 and the N100 market direcionality was 97% !!
    Only 3 stocks were higher. The rest 97 were lower, up to -12%.
    13/100 stocks lost more than -5%.
    In one single day, clearly anticipated by RSIobi, one of the most safe signal generators in the N100 market.