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    A gift for fools.

    There are many indicators and one of the categories is information indicators.

    For example, we want to know the volatility of a particular instrument in any time interval and

    as an example, use the index SP 500

    The weekly volatility on this instrument fluctuates between

    maximum 23350p
    minimum 282p

    similarly, you can see the volatility of each day and even hour

    what is the point of looking for an average value, if you can easily adjust the work of volatility levels

    and "link" thereby the volatility of days with the valency of the week, note key levels and just
    observe exactly how the price behaves when these goals are achieved.

    In this case, you will not only have a clear picture but also a real opportunity

    in making the right decision for your transaction, in other words, clear entry and exit points

    and this is hundreds of times more accurate than Fibo levels and a million times more accurate than any averaging.

    PS I can’t believe it, here hundreds of traders have been working on the market for years, but they’re not able to figure out simple questions
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    Since the 50s of the last century, hundreds of morons have created thousands of different indicators using the average value of volatility, and they all work on the same principle, now, in the era of computer technology, when any such hypothesis can be tested in 2 minutes and prove the absurdity of these theories is possible in one minute, you are still stubbornly engaged in nonsense
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    Sounds interesting.
    Can you help this simple fool and explain this approach in more detail?
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    can be explained, but it will take two or three hours, and too much text will have to be printed, if you yourself use an information indicator that will show you the volatility of each candle at any time interval, and you will understand all these subtleties

    In my first blog, I showed you how easy it is to calculate the trend development time using the example of the GBPUSD pair, where I showed the approximate volatility of this 3-week trend and rollback, the error was 30 p. An interval of 3 weeks, thereby proving that any market movement is not difficult to calculate
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    Picture1.jpg There was talk of a bs artist on another thread, if you want to meet one, it's the OP here.
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    Ok, I'll check "The regularity of the price model in combination of time - volatility" first!
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    Check, and I will say this, if I publish all my knowledge of market prices, then all forex companies will simply stop their activities for a simple reason, there will not be enough money to pay customers, and exchanges will lose liquidity for any ticker

    Everything that you rely on now was described in the 10-30s of the last century, since then nothing has changed radically, and for more than 100 years, 95% of exchange players systematically just lose their money, and they all understand this strange thing But stubbornly keep going the same way

    The simplest examples
    What is the point of considering the price model - “head-shoulders”, for example, on a 4-hour chart, if there is not even a hint of this design in the interval of days or weeks,
    Another example,
    What is the significance of the indicator of the volume of hourly, daily charts, if you do not take into account information about the volumes of the week, month, year, etc.

    What is the point of generally considering the volume of a particular instrument on one exchange if it is simultaneously traded on dozens of exchanges and you do not have this information, etc.

    PS I looked through your entire forum and I understand very well that only children gathered here
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    ...And we bask, unworthy as we are, in your light. :rolleyes:
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    Oh no!! It is resto / @fibo* guy / highly educated professor / triangular rectangular T A guy / non professional trader again!!!!
    The world is surely ending soon!!!
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    Well, again, the same morons climb into my posts, let them, like last time, wipe their nose!
    for example
    I declare that within two weeks the pound from 1.285 will increase to 1.3328 (this is the minimum goal)

    and I laid out this forecast back in September (link in my first blog)

    and my September forecast in October worked at - excellent
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