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    I use few oscilators and indicators I have done by myself. Is anybody familiar with copyrights laws i.e. how to register ?

    Thx in advance
  2. Did you know that the use of Open, High, Low and Close Price for trading is against copyrights law?

    You owe me every cent you make.
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    Consult an attorney
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    One would think that copyrighting technical indicators would be a moot point.

    If the indicator does actually work, then you wouldn't share it with anyone so no need for the copyright.

    And if it doesn't work and you attempt to sell it, it obviously has no actual value.
  5. Bravo!

    Now, please tell us which one was your development?
  6. Go to http://www.uspto.gov .

    Maybe you could even try a patent application, if you are really keen.

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    Thx everybody,

    I believe that if concept is really original and valuable, even when it stops working, the whole idea might be modified and used in some other way.
  8. Provided the originator of an indicator/concept has a generic and correct understanding of price/market dynamics. I wonder that's why many followers of indicators would not be very fruitful in results.

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    The biggest problem is discipline (but nobody likes to talk about it).
  10. A macro-system of trading includes such as discipline, phychology, capital, trading system (strategy/method), money management, etc.

    Some say a trading system would be only 10% of their macro-system of trading (paraphrase). The indicator(s), even if it works as expected, would be then only a part of the trading system.

    I have no ideas about which part is the biggest problem in trading. It may be unique/different to individuals.

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