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Discussion in 'Trading' started by gov, Jun 6, 2007.

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    Ok, I know some of you are following Oscar's calls like I am, out of curiosity. Recently, he's had a somewhat rougher time making the coin, so I for one have reasoned it might be time to throw him a bone.

    He goes against many of my rules, so I thought maybe if I combined his indicator with mine we might come up with a super-d-duper market tool. However, I did not have a name for mine, so I've been working on it...

    I have always liked that quote of George Bush saying "I'm the decider" so here is my tool's :D name...

    Griff's Omniscient Navigator And Decider -- GONAD -- and of course any of you following my calls will be distinctively known as my GONADS...

    Still, something is missing, a catchy phrase to help sell the GONAD (Stops are in...!) and I have always been a fan of Inspector Gadget, so I am thinking--you guessed it--GO, GO GONADS! for a hook in my videos.

    Anyway, gotta get back to trading but I thought I'd throw this out there and get some help going for poor old Oscar. For that one person out there not hanging on Oscar's every email, just fyi today he entered ES against the trend and got stopped out at market open on a 7 point stop. Took the the Naz in the poop shoot as well. Ouch!

    Good luck, Trader.

    Oh Yeah, I stole that last line from Oscar. :cool:
  2. LMAO I love it :D

    :EDIT: This was no offense to Oscar- I enjoy his calls, sometimes use them, and have alot of respect for the guy. You've gotta be able to identify the humor in this though.
  3. So, what was your live call then Mr. Testicle?
  4. tr51


    I just looked in on his site and he is up 3 full ES points for the week.....whats your beef?
  5. gov


    I'm sorry; I am still inflating my ego to a point where public adoration is a conjugate to my trading so for now my GONAD is private.

    Look for my GONAD in the future...
  6. Well you certainly got the 'talk' right!:D
  7. trendo


    It takes real balls to be a GONAD.
    GO 'NADS!
  8. I take it that you have two dimples in your chin in which to accomodate said 'nads'
  9. gov


    I must say that for an individual who goes by the moniker "wee man" to be so interested in this thread is honestly too funny... :D

    Mr. Testicle, said in the manner of Agent Smith in the Matrix movie has a nice ring to it, but Mr. T. likely has more widespread recognizability.
  10. [​IMG]

    When reached for comment, the real Mr. T. reportedly said, " I pity the fool that calls me Mr. Testicle."
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