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    A partial quote from an article in the LA Times. Anyone ever hear of this guy?

    Charges Filed Against Redondo Beach Man

    "The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has filed fraud charges against Oscar Goldman of Redondo Beach, who allegedly misrepresented himself as an expert and lured 98 people into opening trading accounts that he managed.

    In a lawsuit filed Friday in federal court in Los Angeles, the CFTC said Goldman attracted investors by offering trading courses through his Trader Tech Inc.

    "Goldman touted enormous profit potential while concealing the facts that he was not a successful commodities trader and that investors using defendant's trading program generally lost money," the CFTC suit alleged.

    The CFTC is seeking an injunction to shut down the alleged fraud, as well as an accounting for losses, repayments to customers, disgorgement of ill-gotten gains and fines. The agency said the California Department of Corporations has issued an order shutting down Goldman's companies."

  2. He made a presentation to the "Day Traders USA" group here in SoCal back in about October.

    The thrust of his presentation was learning the psychology of the markets. He had successfully predicted the market crash last summer, and was predicting another one 'soon after the new year'.

    He talked alot about Neuro Linguistic Programming and similar types of methods to get your mind in sync with the markets. Once you think like the market, then you can REALLY TRADE! He had brokerage statements to demonstrate his trading successes.

    He was offering education and promoting brokerage accounts that would be traded on his signals. It seemed like a number of people were quite interested in his programs and signed up (I wasn't there, but listened to an audio recording of the meeting available on DTUSA's website). I was intrigued with his program and called his office to get a price quote on the education. I was about $2,500 for a class, and he offered several classes. I declined.

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  3. He had been one of the "presenters" at some of the online trading expos that I have attended. He talked about NLP and psychology. He offered a trading course were everyone received "personal attention" via telephone conference calls everyweek.

    This guy was slick and silky smooth, but there was something about him even back a couple years ago that told me he was running a con.

    I'm not surprised at all.
  4. Didn't he used to have a job with the government supervising the Six Million Dollar Man?
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    when he took over TradeWorld 2000 from Nick van Nice, he offered TradeWorld 2000 customer with special package. He offered some emotional testimonies that sound more like from AA meeting and then he billed himself as Dr. GO. That was to close to Dr NO for me so I never took his offer.:p
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    I always thought the six million dollar man was a fraud too. Those stacks of weights he was lifting were repainted with different numbers, and that running stuff was good camera work. Oscar was a scammer since the 70s. However, jamie sommers she was the real deal.
  7. Yeah, I think he worked for OSI.
  8. We can rebuild him.

    We have the technology.




  9. If the next new ET member's moniker turned out to be Dr. Rudy Wells, it would not surprise me one bit.
  10. I've always wondered. Could the Texas Rattlesnake be the lovechild of Steve and Jamie? Or just an early genetic experiment gone terribly wrong?
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