Osama trying to steal election?

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  1. It appears that the boo hoo hoo, pro-obama radical liberals are trying to steal Florida and Michigan votes from Clinton so that the marxist, anti-free trade Osama will win. Clinton won the popular vote and most of the Michigan and Florida delegates so she deserves to be the nominee. The Obama supporters keep falling back on the how the rules were broken, but they are actually trying to deny Floridians the vote because if it were the other way around they woudn't be making presuring the DNC to have those votes recinded.

    Obama will lose to McCain anyway if he is the nominee.
  2. What are you talking about? Obama agreed to the conclusions of the DNC.

    I am NOT an Obama supporter, but he deserves the nomination he is about to get. It is based on DELEGATES. Was from the beginning, and Clinton knew this. Clinton is the one who has constantly been whining, almost nonstop.

    I hope you are correct about Mac beating Obama. I don't really like Mac, but Obama scares the shit out of me. I think it will be close with Obama taking the popular vote (due to massive wins in NY and CA), but Mac taking it via his advantages in the electoral college.
  3. dnc decided to seat the delegates from both states and give them half votes for each delegate earned based on the popular votes.

    hillary's people are furious with this!!! LMAOOOOOOOOOOO

    they wanted all the mich delegates and are furious they are giving obama the uncommitted votes.

    this thing is going to the courts.... they will try to steal it from obama.. just watch.
  4. McCain will beat Hillary or Obama, no doubt.

    But I still want Clinton to be the nominee because a marxist, anti-American, anti-working class, elitist candidate like Obama doesn't deserve to be the democratic nominee out of principle because he doesn't embody American values whatsoever. He doesn't deserve to have a place in history as the 2008 opponent of McCain, but should be bannished to a lifetime of political mediocrity .

    I hope that Clinton takes this all the way to the convention floor and has all the super delegates seated and ursuades them to vote for her because she appeals to Reagan democrats in key swing states, where as the elitist Obama's appeal is concentrated mainly in upper class democrats, moveon.org radical liberals, college students, and African Americans.

    Kudlow also agrees. He has written about how the stock market reacts favorably to Clinton and McCain victories.
  5. hillary has some interesting support lately.. makes you kinda go hmmmm.
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    As one member of the DNC so succintly put it: You've got to play by the rules of the game. When you change the rules midway through the game that is tantamount to cheating.
    Ickie's behavior and outburst during the meeting was nothing short of disgusting and pathetic.
  7. Agreed! Democratic party is imploding...again! Dumb bastards are going to fuck up a sure thing.
  8. you know she will. All the Clinton's care about is the Clinton's. they don't care if they implode the party. I'd personally love to see it.

    For that matter, I'd love to see the republican party drift away as well. Imagine a national level party that controls spending and wars? Imagine how low taxes could be, and how booming the economy could be?

    mind numbing how stupid our politicians are. its all about power. Hardly any of them give a fuck about the USA.
  9. You have to blame Dean and the DNC.

    After what happened in Flordia in 2000, They should had never put in a rule to strip voters from their vote. Dumb, Dumb.

    Find some other penalty, maybe withold money for local dem candidates.

    Once Obama wins , they will give them full voting rights

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