Osama is Alive

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  1. How clever. He remains quiet for over a year and that sends a coded message to Al Queda operatives around the world by releasing his "message praising recent attacks."

    Now that the media is going to be all over these new tapes, this will give Osama exactly what he wants -- the ability to send a message to sleeper cells in the US and abroad.

    What an interesting twist in the story -- Friday we give Saddam a deadline and now we know that the anti-christ is alive and well and probably gearing up for worse attacks against the United States.
  2. Kill them all!
  3. Osama was pretty stupid to target innocent American civilians... he would have been much smarter to focus on the guilty American policy makers responsible for American funded death and destruction around the world...

    Osama and the US foreign policy makers are two sides of the same filthy coin... both sides should end up in hell alongside Satan... I agree with WCOMtrader... kill em all...
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    yes. unfortunately dubya was never interested in fighting terrorism and it's causes, he's more into proxy wars.

    you can't combat terrorism?

    too difficult?

    fine, just go after just anybody else to demonstrate some action, why not saddam, although anyone else would have done nicely, too.

    that's the sort of brilliant thinking we have in DC.
  5. Why doesn't one of these hot-shot multi-billionaire entrepreneurs who have nothing better to do than fly around the world in a balloon or collect real estate in Manhattan put their money to some REAL use, on a REAL challenge with meaning and try to find him.

    They can assemble a group of the smartest, fittest athletes, military types, etc. and make a game of it. If they find him, they can split the $25 million reward, and earn the respect and admiration of the entire US population.
  6. There are even more evil terrorists closer to home.... they tend to congregate in the White House and the Pentagon.... hopefully the civilised world can act against them to make the world a safer place...
  7. Any guesses where Osama may be today? Maybe he's kickin' back with Omar at Saddam's presidential palace?
  8. It's curious - every few months, a new 'osama tape' mysteriously appears and is broadcast by al jezeera. Evidently no one knows who delivered it or how, and the millions in reward money are no incentive to anyone in the chain of distribution to say.

    Why osama makes these tapes is also a mystery - flaunting his continued existence to the world seems counterproductive. If his goal is to rile up his troops, one might think someone so 'brilliant' could find a less dangerous way.

    These tapes, of course, contain vague threats of violence against Americans, which are dutifully repeated for a few days by the popular media. The story then disappears completely from the media, maybe out of fear that too much attention might be diverted away from other subjects such as Iraq.

    anyone else see shades of Emmanuel Goldstein here?
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    I would wager the tapes are fake...

    Osama is a ego maniac... born into Saudi royalty, "spiritual leader" of an extremist religious group. He made videos of himself regularly to prove his contempt for the US. Unless his contempt has resided, I doubt his egoistic needs for video has either.

    Plus... last video of him he looked so bad. Using his weak hand for gestures. Sitting aside the lens instead of right in the middle like all the other videos. He loooked pale an pasty and weak.

    So why suddenly just have audio...??

    He is either dead or severely wounded and does not want to appear on video any worse than he did. Either way he is done.

  10. they hate each other. the whole linkage between osama and saddam is a BS plot to draw attention from the economy...
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