Osama has been found

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  1. I meant Obama.:)
  2. dont


  3. Found in Colorodo and jamming the futures lower.

    Dem's are really screwed between a mulatto and a woman. I really hate all politicians more than media financial pundits. I can't believe people take these people hook line and sinker.
  4. I was thinking to myself as I did my taxes the other day..."yeah those morons who are stupid enough to vote for Clinton or Obama are gonna realize they fucked up once the reality hits..." Then I realized I had just had to bypass many many thousands of dollars in credits and welfare style rebates just to realize I had a whopping $23 return (before paying for my tax service)....

    And then it hit me..."no Nate...no the hell they won't realize they fucked up...because these moron assholes are getting all my tax money and they're the ones in the majority of voting, so they are gonna be as happy as a pig in shit, knowing there's even more free handouts on the way".
  5. All I know is my life won't change one bit regardless who is in there....Black, white, orange, woman.....Taxes and death are the only sure locks in life. That will never change.

    I expect nothing to change. If someone wanted to abolish capital gains tax, thats another story. Wait doesn't that Ron Paul want to do that? I guess he would have my vote but he is as likely as Ross perot getting in.

    So who are the fav's now,. McCain-Rep. Hillary-Dem.?

    I just tried watching this crap on the news and it gets boring fast.
  6. Relief rally tomorrow?
  7. Osama has indeed 'bin' found.

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