Osama has been FOUND !

Discussion in 'Trading' started by capmac, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. capmac


    DOW futures now up 300 !!

    Nasdaq futures up 85 !!

    Just Kidding.

    Hey, gotta keep the bull alive.

  2. Bowgett


    and he was appointed as a new FED cheif. Dow futures rallied 500 more points on top of 300 points.
  3. bluud


    actually finding Osama would mean a bear market ... we wouldn't have another country to go into to find Osama ... or to blame all the problems on ... I'm sick of hearing Osama's name ... I'm sick of hearing the word "terrorist" ... American's are fucking retarded, they repeat the same shit over and over ... now it is 5 years we have been hearing the same shit on TV ... even the same jokes ... "joe smith's penis is tiny" ... ahhahha
  4. So true
  5. tyler19


  6. He is in a Go-Go dancer cage in the basement of the Treasury Dept...the're waiting to release the news when the market tanks in a big way.
  7. dinoman


    I second that. Its not the americans its the quadros running this country. There time is soon to subside one way or the other!
  8. bluud


    why do you bring him up when you know there is no way he will be president ... the US presidents for the next 12 years have already been chosen ... first the republicans .. until everyone gets tired of war ... then democrats ... till everyone is bored to death ... they keep bouncing people between two obvious walls ... they have learned that life is made of cycles .. and if you don't put people into marry-go-rounds they will go marry-go-round in their minds and will eventually stand up against the government ... that is how life works that is how people work

  9. Hey buddy, if you want to continue to lay around and get Fu**** by the upper 1% be my guest. Perhaps some people see the best possible potential for some change in him.

  10. bluud


    I don't know him .. what I'm saying is even if he is good and 90% of America vote for him ... he still won't be president ...
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