Osama caught (rumor)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by limitdown, Feb 28, 2004.

  1. Sat, NBC News, 2/28/4 9:30am

    From Pakistan, were rumors that Osama BL has been in custody for quite a while now. US forces completely denied the story.

    ((not sure what to make of this non-story))

    not trying to hype or otherwise, just be aware that might affect the futures over the weekend...

    be aware that this might skew the Tech Analysis (TA) patterns that are already evident....

    [guys, please don't hype this story]
  2. wtf... you think we don't have access to Yahoo? Please, refrain from wasting anyone's time with this horsesh*t.

  3. Limit down was just giving a heads up to anyone out of kindness. No need to blast him.
  4. There have been quite a few weekends where these rumors have been going around. It will come to pass eventually though, who knows when. Bush is under a LOT of pressure to produce and I am sure he is turning the screws on his commanders to nail Osama to divert attention from his other failings.

    Since I carry long/short swing postions over the weekend, I got about a 50/50 chance of getting my butt kicked sooner or later.
  5. Pabst


    IMO Osama has been dead since late 2001-early 2002. There's little evidence that any of the purported Osama tapes released are authentic.
  6. You may be correct about that. But then there's mullah omar and al-zwahiri, who are still alive.
  7. bush just paid some moron 30 million dollas for a tip on the sadam boys !


    he could of got same info for 5 Grand and a ticket to Disney land.


  8. These are bunch of chickens who has laid many
    eggs already, you got to make sure find their
    chiks too :p
  9. Maybe, maybe not.

    Just finding his rotting corpse though could trigger a goodly short covering rally.

    But that is nothing I am losing sleep over....if it happens, it happens. Its always something....
  10. Funny, last week I had a discussion on this topic with some other traders, about what would heppen to the markets if such news would come out.

    And opi,ions where quite diversified. From "hardly anything" to "a VERY MAJOR shootup of the market".

    Now if you look at another MAJOR event, the twin towers, some predicted a MAJOR crash (when markets would open). And finally, ok, the markets went down, but it wasn't a major crash and markets recovered within a month.

    So, what is your opnion what will happen if such news would be confirmed? Nothing? Dow/nas up 5%?10%? more? other side effects that might be happening?


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