osama captured?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DT-waw, Mar 12, 2003.

  1. DT-waw


    just hear that on bloomberg....
  2. Rumor is out again. CIA is denying. Here we go again...
  3. I've made more money selling these stupid ass rumors from hedge funds that need outs.

    Who gives a rats ass if he gets captured anyway, it means nothing and I'll sell more if its true.
  4. Rumor...

    the pop in the Eminis (rumor) this morning (0755am - 0801am est) and now the sources at the CIA is saying no truth to the rumors...

    Eminis have retrace those rumor gains and have come back down to equilibrium.

    Also...military sources say that if/when Osama is capture...info won't be released until several days after the fact.

  5. regough


    For the amount of money$$$$$ Bloomberg charges- you would think that they could at least be reliable?????????
  6. They are reliable in this particular situation because when rumors hit the newswire...

    Bloomberg did say it was "rumored". That's exactly what I heard.

    Maybe a lot of traders watching or listening to Bloomberg didn't hear the word "rumored" or ignored the word "rumored" and ran with it :cool:

    Expect more rumors like this as the situation with IRAK continues.

  7. Apparently BBC picked it up from an Iranian Radio Station. If it is a planted story, what control is there over small radio stations over there? None I gather.
  8. I don't get it....why woul dit be so good for the market? ..I understand the significance, but since he is the top dog and holds the final word on all attacks...wouldn't his capture mean that it could be a free for all?
  9. qdz2


    Good. have fun with manipulators. but I never utter a threat. just do it!!!