Osama bin Laden has been 'located'

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    Matthew d'Ancona 6:49pm

    The Dubai-based satellite TV channel Al Arabiya is reporting that Osama Bin Laden has been “located” by US intelligence in the Kararakoram – a mountain range that spans the borders of Pakistan, the Kashmir and China (K2 is one of its peaks). There was a high-level meeting last week in Doha including General Petraeus, the recently-nominated Commander of US Central Command, and it is reasonable to speculate that – if there is truth to the report – it flows from this piece of intelligence. Whether the latest rumours about the tracking down of OBL have foundation will quickly become apparent. If they do have substance, Al Arabiya will have scored a huge world scoop – and have its rival Al Jazeera spitting nails.
  2. This is probably some news just to stir up support for the war and call it successful. The US probably has known for a long time the relative location of Osama and are waiting for the right time to capture him in order to make some publicity stunt for the war.
  3. Trust me, by the time this "media outlet" learns about such an occurance, it's way, way, way past or never happened at all.
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  5. Why would US want to find Goldstein?
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    He's worth more to us alive than dead. Does anyone seriously believe that we don't know exactly where he is and aren't monitoring his communications, incoming and outgoing? What is the point of capturing and killing him? How do you think we've stopped all the attempted attacks against post 9/11? We have incredible satellite imaging and can pinpoint the location of a fly, we can't find a 6'6" Muslim? Does anyone seriously think he's actually living in a cave for 7 years?
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    Why has this thread been moved? It is news according to Google news.
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    why on earth would they release this prior to his capture?
  9. You probably have watched too many Mission Impossible or James Bond movies (little humor). I surely don't think he is living in a cave, but he certainly has a network for providing security. The US gov't is trying to locate him in an area where the vast majority of the people strongly oppose the actions of Washington and probably help to conceal him. The locals probably don't even know he is there.

    But yes, it is better to have him alive than dead. That being said, I'm sure the terrorist organizations are communicating to him by word of mouth and not in a way the US gov't can decode the message.
  10. Either rumors or he was probably there several weeks ago... Now, who knows...
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