Osaka Nikkei 225 Mini

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pswchiu, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. pswchiu


    I am planning to day trade N225M after my frustrating experience in trading HKex Hang Sang mini futures.

    There are 3 sessions, morning, afternoon and evening session. My energy level allows me to trade 2 sessions a day. Can anyone suggestion which 2 are suitable for a beginer.

  2. The evening session is often quite dull with few trading opportunities.
  3. Yes. You would really only consider the morning and afternoon sessions.

    If you are looking at this time then also consider STW (Taiwan MSCI on SGX) and SPI (Aussie). STW is $10 a tick, SPI is $25. They generally move a little better than nikkei but not like hsi.
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    Yes. n225 had a nice move this morning
  5. pswchiu


    With $25 a tick, SPI is too much for me. Will check STW. Tks