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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by thealphapirate, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Hi Mac people,

    I've developed an in-house trading tool and am thinking of cleaning it up and releasing it to the world. Right now it's a little rusty, but I wanted to gauge interest amongst other traders to see if it's worth cleaning up. It's built entirely using Mac OS X APIs, so it's extremely zippy on the platform.

    I'd probably sell it for a nominal fee, such as $29. Right now it only works with the Interactive Brokers feed, are there any other brokers you'd like to see something like this work with?

    Would you buy something like this?

  2. rickf


    I'd be curious to see it, yeah....but I'm not on IB.

    Price is about right, too.
  3. Would like to see it.
  4. Raul641


    I'd love to see a demo or at least some screenshots and a features list/documentation. Not sure if I'd buy it without seeing those first.
  5. I am interested too
  6. tortoise


    the mac platform is vastly underserved. someone's going to seize the opportunity here.

    i don't use ib. but i'd be very interested in something for mac that worked with velocity future's api ...
  7. I'm interested in some screen shots.

    Now... if only the new imacs had twin i7 chips ;)
  8. MGB


    Use the NinjaTrader business model. Release it for free with all functionality enabled, except for executing live transactions. When the person wants to execute live transactions, they can pay $29 for the annual license to execute live transactions.
  9. Agreed. I laughed when Wealthlab w/ Fiedelityless come out with a full 30 day trial in order to get non-programmers into their software. 30 days? Right.