OS on Airplane bluescreens plane takes dive.

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  1. Three minutes later it plunged a further 120 metres, this time over 16 seconds.

    Nine crew and 106 passengers were injured.

    After a forced landing at Learmonth, 14 people were airlifted to Perth for treatment while another 39 people were taken to hospital.

    The ATSB's investigation found fault with one of the plane's computer programs.

    "He is an American and also Australian citizen. He has told me that when the plane went out of control, the computer would not give him back control of the plane and he said it was in a dive.



    Wooops!! At least home computers you just reboot and no problem.
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    I won't get on an airbus after that one went into Queens after the rudder and vert stab was torn off over Jamaica Bay.

    That one that broke-up inflight from Brazil to France wasn't too comforting either.

    I was on an airbus that took off from LAX and had to come right back and land. I remember the airplane would start shaking violently when the pilot tried to increase power. I never knew what the problem was and just assumed it was compressor stalls as there was a loud bang before the shaking.
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    Good. I'll make sure never to fly Airbus.
  4. These new fangled "fly-by-wire" planes do NOT use hydraulics like the "old" planes. The fly-by-wire means that computers and electric servomotors control the control surfaces of the plane.

    HERE IS THE KICKER!!!!! On the Airbus - the computer can override what the pilot is trying to do. On the Boeing - the computer may "think" that the pilot is wrong, but it will still execute the pilot's command! Many years ago an Airbus crashed at the Paris air show. The pilots had been telling the plane to land....but, the computer decided it wanted to land the plane...after the end of the runway. Several people on board died in that crash.

    After having been on Airbuses with problems, I talked to a pilot for a major airline. I told him I thought Airbuses were junk. He looked around to make sure that nobody heard his response...and he (the pilot) said he wouldn't fly in them!

    That is why I WAY prefer to fly on Boeing rather than Airbus(ted).


    disclaimer: I am not a pilot. The information I presented above is my understanding...which may be wrong :D
  5. Sullenberger flew an Airbus A320 over/into the Hudson. I don't think he'd be flying it if it were more dangerous than other aircraft.
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    An airline pilot flies whatever he is rated on and more importantly, whatever THEY tell him to fly.

    You really think Sully had a say in the matter (if he wanted to keep his job)?