Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jerry78, Jan 13, 2004.

  1. Jerry78


    My norton systemworks says ORDeb32.exe in the Tradestation 2000i cannot access this file-orshar32.dll.

    Anyone can help me to fix this and get this file-orshar32.dll
  2. Can you reinstall the software - sounds like the dll file has been damaged, or the registry entry is not intact.
  3. Jerry78


    I still cannot fix the problem by re-installing.

    Does anyone get this file in the ProSuite 2000i located in C:\Program Files\Omega Research\Program ?
  4. www.microsoft.com and then use the search function. I have used it before when I entered dll purgatory. Best of luck
  5. Jerry78


    I can't locate the file in the web such as Microsoft website
  6. pspr


    I've located the dll in my Mesadll directory for you. I'm not sure where Tradestation is looking for it (probably windows/system or windows/system32. Anyway, I've uploaded it so you can download the file. I'll leave it there for a day or so so you can get it.

  7. Jerry78


    Thanks for you all, especially pspr!!!!!!!!!!