Orly Taitz: Idiot of The Month!

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  1. I guess someone forgot to tell the "nutbag" Taitz that Mombasa wasn't a part of Kenya back in 1961. It was part of Zanzibar.

    As for Kenya, it wasn't even a Republic at that time... It was still a British Dominion. It didn't become a Republic of Kenya until Dec. 12th, of 1964.

    But the nutbag Taitz would lead you to believe otherwise with her latest claims.

    I guess California is accepting anyone these days as a lawyer. :D

  2. This is the same idiot that pulled the political stunt of filing suit on behalf of Major Stephen Frederick Cook, who volunteered for service in Afghanistan and then sued to stop the Army from sending him there.

    The Army has already vacated his orders.

    In his civilian life, Cook is a systems engineer for a Pentagon defense contractor. Naturally enough, the Army sued by a guy has the right to say he's not welcome at DoD facilities... This is exactly where Cook was working!

    Not anymore.
    And Taitz claims another "victim".
  3. YAWN
  4. Are you really a Muslim???
    Are you an AMERICAN citizen?
    Let's see YOUR birth certificate.
  5. Liberals' birther obsession: It's the left-wing, not the GOP, that's pumping up the story

    By James Kirchick

    It is not Obama's right-wing opponents, however, who are devoting the most attention to this obscure, Internet-driven "movement," if one can even use that label to describe such a paranoid groupuscule. Rather, it's liberals, bent on portraying their conservative opponents as extremists - and changing the subject to help a President under increasing scrutiny for the substance of his policies - who are driving this story.

    Making the rounds in the propagation of this meme is a deceptively edited video produced by far-left Web site FireDogLake, in which an interviewer chases Republican congressmen around the Capitol asking if they believe Obama is a natural-born citizen. Some respond in the affirmative while others ignore the questioner, and it is this latter handful that liberals have proffered as evidence that the GOP is "fearful" of disparaging its "birther base."

  6. Double Yawn.
  7. You said you were going to stop posting, now get lost.
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    How flattering.