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  1. I have been trading in the market full time for the last 5 years, and am looking to expand my business into a possible trading room.

    I currently have an very large office in the heart of Downtown, and am looking to offer out Desk space for a small fee.

    Let me know if you are interested.


  2. address or brief location? how many people with you now? what do you trade?
  3. I trade Equities, Options, and Futures. I am a Contrarian and also trade with 2 other Traders from NY via SKYPE conference. I have developed an Automated Trading system that I run on an Intraday basis.

    The Office is 2800sqft, and I am using one of the offices (800sqft) for Trading. Currently, there will be 3 traders in the office full time.

    I also have a deal with the Juggernaught Trading Room in NY as well Broadstreet for great commission prices - if you want in the room, or to use Broadstreet.

    The space is in the building above the new Rest. Ember - on the corner of Central Blvd and Orange - on the 4th FL.

    Desk fees will be based on weather you want education or not.
  4. ....excuse me, the site is actually juggernauttrading.

    So far I have 1 more trader on board (a total of 4). We are looking to bring successful traders together to create more of a work environment, instead of having you trade out of your home office...alone.

    If you live close to downtown, and you want to come by to check out the office, send me a message.
  5. Interested...
  6. We are looking to expand our office. for anyone interested they can visit our website: wwwTheTradersRoom.com

    I changed my user name to our company name to make things easier.
  7. wow ur webpage is so tits.....

    that is amazing design....
  8. they start out that 90% of traders lose their money in 90 days (an obvious guess)

    But they don't say why they are any different in making people part of the 10% other than the obvious "trust us"

    Well, 99% of websites fail to offer any outperformance, so the trust needs to be backed up with proof...

    But the design is kicking...
  9. i just ment the design lol... its cool the rolling text and the building blocks and stuff.. music... its neat i really have no idea whats going on in it tho
  10. These numbers are obvious. Who do you think has a better chance of learning how to trade, a beginner with a $9 per ticket ETRADER or someone who trades along side of a seasoned pro?

    It would be like me throwing you a bag of tools and saying, "Welcome to the world of Auto Repair!"

    Here is what our business does:

    You come into the office and pay a small desk fee for 5 weeks of live trading....sitting next to Active Pros trading along side of them.

    After 5 weeks, you go home and have the support of our online office, which has the same traders in it calling out their trades.

    Our company also offers up to 10-1 leverage if you are experienced and has gotten Pro rates on trades ($2) and discounts on software fees...how you ask?....numbers. We have a large group of trades, so it is easy to demand what we get.

    TRUST....I agree. If you don't want to pay a desk fee, don't. Come to our online office for 30 days for free and see for yourself.....and NO, we don't take you credit card number..we just change the password after 30 days.

    Thanks for the props on the website. If you want to understand our backend businss (10-1 leverage), the check out our partner: www.broadstreettrading.com ....I'm sure you'll like the "look" of that one too...lol
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