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Discussion in 'Events' started by Don Bright, Nov 6, 2002.

  1. Since I'll be gone prior to the Orlando "Money Watch Expo" and Snake Oil stop, I thought I would invite you guys to come by and visit. Bob and I will be there to interview new traders and present our "Beyond the Snake Oil" presentation about Professional Trading.

    But even more important: Cash Coyne will be presenting, at no additional cost our Remote trading platform and benefits. You can check out what Cash is doing here:


    They're charging $299 for both days, all inclusive....but we can get you in for $99 if you send Cash an email. Cash Coyne <cash@poboxes.com>

    You can check my website for more information.
    (Please, no "flaming" this is a good deal for everyone, and we make zero on it,the money goes to the promoters only). :)
  2. How many traders do you anticipate showing up for this? Im just curious because I just left orlando because there isn't much there by way of financial firms or traders. You might know something i don't though
  3. http://www.moneywatchexpo.com/orlando.html

    I think their presentation is one of many in Orlando.

    Check above link for a list of presenters. Would think there would be a decent crowd because they have a few heavy hitters on the list.

    Note the list is broken into free workshops and pay workshops.
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    You are correct. We have both a full-length pay presentation as well as a couple of short free presentations.

    The exhibition portion of the expo itself is free and that's where the free seminars are.

    All the pay presentations are lumped together for one fee. If you order through Bright, you get the ticket to these at about 40% less. As Don said, all this money goes to the people that put on the show, we get none of it. We just wanted to help Elite Traders get a good deal.
  5. Anyone attending this weekend?
  6. gonoles


    Yeah! First Post! no longer a lurker. Sorry.

    I am going to attend at least the free seminars. Still undecided about the pay ones. I am planning on getting into day trading soon. This will help give me more information.

    Thanks for all of the great info here!!