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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by nlslax, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. nlslax


    Posting this to see if there are any orlando traders out there willing to compare notes, share ideas, etc.
  2. empee


    sure, i live in lake mary where r u
  3. nlslax


    Lake Mary too. Near Lake Emma Rd. Do you know of any groups that meet in this area?
  4. Downtownish. PM me
  5. nlslax


    Received an email this morning that an informal get together is being planned in the Heathrow area this Sunday ~11am at a coffee shop.

    Will let you know more when I do. But would be interested meeting with any groups locally where people share ideas and experiences.
  6. Where in the Heathrow ? Is it a regular thing ?
  7. badfish


    I live in Heathrow. Is this get together just strictly options traders? I trade NYSE myself, mainly spreads.
  8. nlslax


    Here is a copy of the email I received. I responded that I could be available on Sunday. Waiting for a confirmed response which I will pass along. I have the impression that this is a small informal group looking to grow. Panera's in Heathrow might be a good location. They have a meeting room in the back which probably isn't used much on weekends.

    Hi all,
    Sounds like Sunday late morning (elevenish..brunch anyone?) might work for a couple hours, or Friday/Sunday late eve. Bruce, are you referring to the place around the corner from Lake Mary theaters? Don't know any theaters in Heathrow, unless you mean behind Albertson on CR46A/International Blvd? Maybe internet access not critical for first meet, rather cozy couches/sit around for chat (eg. Panera's in Heathrow, or other??).

    Also got a message from Neil (see below) interested in joining. Pass on to others. The more the merrier. Pls confirm ASAP, otherwise have plans for later Sunday.
  9. I would like to come . If there is a definite place and time, please, post it here .
  10. nlslax


    Will pass on info when I get an update. You guys might want to email oracare@aol.com directly in case I get hit by a truck on the way to the office. Wouldn't want you to be out of the loop just because I had to get on I4 today.
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