orlando meet up

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  2. I am willing to buy the burritos for everyone if Mr. B hosts the event at his pool. This should be a great time!!

  3. Baron has a pool?...how big is it... :wtf::p

    Is Baron (the ET founder) a really well off person, or is he more middle class?
    ...i don't mean to pry into his finances, but just curious

    Burritos are blah -- buy everyone porterhouse steaks,
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    He lives in a van down by the river. But it's a really big f*cking Van. And there is a pool next to the van. But it's a big f*cking van OK?
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    He has a pool. And a pond... pond would be good for you.. natural springs and all.

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  6. I'll buy the steaks, but Im not grilling them!

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    Blackstone springing for camels huh....? Nice.

    Good sign we're near a top.
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