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  1. I've gotten some PMs about a traders group in the area. If anyone else is interested in getting together in Central Florida - let me know so we can coordinate something.
  2. I am in the Orlando Area . It would be great to get a group going ? Count me in
  3. I just happened to go onto the site and noticed your reply. PM me and we'll see what we can arrange. I've gotten responses, but the hard part is coordinating everyone.
  4. any forex traders in central florida ,We should get a group together .
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    I'm in Central FL as well, interested in Forex trading.. has any of this come to fruition?
  6. To answer your question, we've had several meetings - all have been small. Hopefully we can build off it. I'd like to do the next one after New Year's.
  7. count me in
  8. Hello, I would like to attend your next meeting. I live in Altamonte Springs, and I am always looking to learn new ideas about stocks and options. Please send me a PM.
  9. Me also! I live in Lake County and would be interested in attending a meeting........I trade stocks only at this point
  10. I hope to make the next meeting as well. Look forward to meeting other traders in the Orlando area. :cool:
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