Orlando, Florida Area Traders

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  1. This was a hook up orginally planned for Point Direx, now it is open to any Local Orlando Traders or Central Florida Traders.

    Location: ALE HOUSE, in front of Altamonte Springs MALL.

    Time: Friday, 20 JAN 2006, after 4pm

    Meet in the Bar Area.

    Several people have checked in on this.

    If I were guessing I would say at least 10 to 15 people maybe more might be showing up.
  2. Any Lurkers from the Longwood, Orlando, and Altamonte Springs Financial Districts are welcome too.

    Especially, from North American Clearing.

    ETrade Professional

    International Asset Management
  3. I'm a trader from northeast florida, and i'll be in orlando on business thursday and friday. I may be able to drop in too.
  4. See you there!
  5. In phone contact with a few people that seem excited about attending.

    Maybe this might be a once a month thing!
  6. Good, Group meeting, but then, a green eyed blond showed up and, she pretended to be interested in trading.

    Too, many Captain Morgans I think, anyway she said let her know when the next meeting is, WOW!

    Anyway, might make this a monthly get together, however next time might move to the inside bar, a little less noise, there.

    Later, guys and gurls! Have a good weekend.
  7. I am from Orlando , Did you guys ever get a group going ? We should start a monthly group meeting
  8. nlslax


    Have tried a few times without much success unfortunately. Not many traders responded. Central Florida isn't quite the trading center that Chicago or NYC is. I don't think there are even any daytrading outfits left in town anymore.

    Trade mostly option spreads due to my work schedule but would like to see how others are trading emini's or currencies.

    Lake Mary here.
  9. I trade options spreads also (thru ToS). I come to Orlando when a trading conference or meeting is being held there. I'm live in northeast Florida ... Jacksonville area. I intended to come to one of the earlier scheduled meetings but couldn't make it; however, if you guys plan another I'll give it my best effort.
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    Will keep you informed. No response yet but that is typical, unfortunately.

    Next time someone has a meeting/conference/seminar in the Orlando area I will ask if it is possible to start a mailing list of interested traders who would like to meet on occasion and talk "shop."

    Still with OX here, plan on migrating over to TOS by the time I need to make my next SEP contribution. Will go virtual for a few months until I get used to the platform.

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