Orlando, Fl & Area, Point Direx People?

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  1. Just wondering if others that traded or worked at Point Direx might be up for a get together sometime. BEER CALL!

    It might be fun, and we could catch up on old times.

    Still in touch with about a half dozen in the local area.

    It was circa 20001, 2002, and 2003.
  2. I had thought that there might be as many as 150 to maybe 200 ex Point Direx people.
  3. Speaking of PointDirex, what happened to them? Didn't they change their name to xoom.com and then?
  4. Same thing that happened to a bunch of the BDs in Direct Access, they ran out of money and traders.

    Point Direx developed their own software which was a huge expense, and then after 2001 the market downturn, and it all went down, but they survived until 2003.

    Many others went with them.
  5. Yeah, they were Xoom Trade, into 2003.
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    I didn't know that.
  7. I think the shut down came in late 2003, but somebody that was there to the last can confirm that.
  8. Another thing I always wondered was how many traders live in Metro or the Orlando Area?

    At the time of Point Direx, I think there were about 3 other trading rooms.

    As far as I know the there is only one left and thats E-Trade Professional, next to City Hall.
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    Lets have it at Hooters or at the back of Bargain World.
  10. LOL! No that's XOOM TRADE, another era, Bargain World, oh please.

    Never set foot in the place, who wants to hang around Tourist Riff Raff.

    I was thinking of a Irish Bar up in Longwood, no tourists for 20 miles.

    Did you trade at Bargain World?

    Day Trade at Bargain World, LOL!
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