Orion Financial, LLC........

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by agras01, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. agras01


    Anybody knows anything about Orion Financial, LLC?
  2. Bullet


    are you talking about the company that used to trade on watcher?

    If so, yes i traded at an Orion shop in Austin, but I was on Tradecast.
  3. agras01


    They have ads on yahoo I think and take resunes in philadelphia area.

  4. I was dealing with them and they SUCKED...their service sucked, their prices sucked and they tried over and over to scam me....I wouldn't recommend anybody to do business with them...It's been awful just awful..I would warn everyone on this board to just stay away.
  5. ElCubano


    Orion Financial...I used to trade with Orion Trading that changed to Redwood trading....I dont know if these are the folks you are refering to...but i liked their service, price and the watcher platform.......
  6. Gardner


    Just noticed this thread. I think here is somen confusuion here. There is an Orion Financial, LLC in Wayne PA. They are a new entitiy with no prior affiliations. Orion is run by two guys that have been around the Busines for a while, mostly involved with Hedge fund business as investors. They have trading accross the board and have a large group of liquidity traders.
  7. beshbola


    I think Watcher is replaced by Terminator. Have anyone used Terminator. I need an insite on this platform. And Sonic Trading Group as well. Appreciate all responses.