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  1. Since 1978(30 yesrs) what are some original movies? By this question, a movie that you saw that really made you think, laugh or cry in a new way. A small reason would be great. For example, Caddyshack is original, Tommy Boy is not.

    I have a bunch, but i will start with...

    Fight Club, the ultimate trading movie, unique idea, fighting the system and a constant cloud of confusion. Also what is so funny is the goal is erase the records of the credit card companies so we all go back to zero...lol

    Wall-e. Very original, but it sucked, watching t-ball without my kids is more interesting.
  2. Tron
  3. lol, Tron.

    I saw that in an almost empty theater first run.

    Too advanced for the common man at the time

    It actually had some very good actors in it.

  4. It was original, have to give it that.

    Mad max/Road warrior, far as i know, truly original, in depicting the post apocalyptic need for fuel.

    However, the OP hasn't set a high bar for "originality", so "Dances with Wolves "has to be up there-mainly because it was so damn long, (it was a record at the time, no? Could be wrong) plus depicting indian's not shot by john wayne.
  5. Ronin.
  6. Right, DWW is too long to stay interesting. Mad Max's dystopia was almost satirical and Gibson a goofball.
    Jeff Bridges to my way of thinking is often guilty of over acting in the way Pacino has since Godfather but you asked for originality and that came to mind. Another for my money is Catch 22. Everyone in that is just perfect -- in my top 5 films of all time.
  7. Jeff Bridges, in the same sentence as "overacting"? To me, his name is synonomous with "sleepfest", but then, it's kinda off topic.

    Hmm, maybe you mean pacino has just played pacino, and had some great parts since-as pacino-Bridges , however, is an also ran, acting wise.

    Original films-without going foreign language, that is a big ask anyway.

    I loved the book, catch 22, don't recall the movie-should check it out i guess.
    Like day of the triffids, great book, lost a lot in the film, but then, that is OT as well.
  8. great movie "Catch 22". Couldn't stop talking about it. Read the book too.

  9. Ever see Starman? ...over acting! As Lebowski he was good, how can anyone not like Lebowski.

    I can't think of a foreign language film I ever liked. I just don't roll that way.

    Is it me or when you walk out of a movie that you were riveted by, does anyone get the feeling they've stepped out and expect the movie to be going on right there? Like whenever I've stepped out of an art museum, everything almost looks like a painting. Possibly too much smoke in the sixties and seventies ...okay and the eighties etc.
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