Orgone Energy

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  2. Thank you for bringing this important archival material to the attention of ET, and to a new generation of psychological and scientific thinkers.
  3. If Reich were alive and working today, he would be hailed as a saint and savior. Alas, his last remaining significant adherent, the great Dr. Alexander Lowen, died some few years ago.
  4. Reich was a no-middle-initial scheizkopf fruitcake with a fat wife and ugly kids. Woody Allen had the last best word on him.
  5. Reich's "Character Analysis" is one of the most brilliantly insightful treatises on personalitytheory ever written.
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    The college continues the real work:
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    You are plague and have no idea what you are talking about.
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    The looney is out and about in this thread.
  9. Talked to a guy I pretty much trust last year that witnessed a demonstration of the Cloudbuster on a clear summer day when he was a college kid. It did what it was supposed to do -- made rain. Seen the bowls too -- stainless steel with cotton and steel wool layered inside. To treat burns.