Orgies in Wahabi Saudi Arabia: Western culture blamed

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  1. Orgies in Wahabi Saudi Arabia: Western culture blamed

    Thursday, November 2, 2006

    Known as a modest and pious man, Saudi King Abdullah has been hearing steady reports of a sharp decline in morals in his country.

    In Jeddah, the Mawadda Social and Family Reconciliation and Counseling Center has been processing requests for help from thousands of married couples on the verge of breaking up. The threat is not divorce, heavily frowned upon in the kingdom, but of the husband establishing a second home with a concubine or prostitute.

    "Our youths are not, unfortunately, educated on the importance of leading a secure married life," said Hassan Al Shelabi, the center director. "While the parents are keen to give their children luxury homes, rich food and fashionable clothing they neglect to prepare the children for a healthy married life and being good husbands or wives."

    Al Shelabi said his center has received reports of wife swapping, of husbands pressuring wives to sleep with their friends and of orgies. He said these requests reflect the influence of Western culture, easily accessible on satellite television or the Internet.

    An immediate danger is the breakdown of the Saudi family. Young Saudis are often forced into marriage by their elders. But once behind closed doors, there is no pretense of any commitment.

    Not surprisingly, the disdain that young Saudi men have for marriage has led to a huge increase in single Saudi women. The Saudi men would rather use their spare time to play house with Western women in Europe or the United States rather than raise a family back home.

    Abdullah regards this phenomenon as part of the corruption of Saudi life fueled by easy oil money that has wrecked traditional values of honesty and work.

    With the price of oil steadily moving to $100 a barrel, the good life for young Saudis is expected to only get easier.