Orgies and customized MDMA: New book details Silicon Valley's 'Brotopia' after hours

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    On Tuesday, Bloomberg TV anchor Emily Chang published an excerpt from her forthcoming book, "Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley" in Vanity Fair. In her book, which will be published by Portfolio in early February, Chang distills how Silicon Valley became so male-dominated despite its "moral ideals," and what the culture really feels like for women inside the walls.

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    One of the more eye-opening antics described in Chang's book isn't so safe for work. According to Chang, a crew of founders, VCs, and tech executives organize well-attended "sex parties," where drugs and orgies are the main course. Some invitations are sent via Snapchat, and the "e-parties" often include MDMA molded into the logos of popular tech companies. The stories are based on dozens of interviews with high-ranking Silicon Valley employees, most of whom Chang does not name. The excerpt doesn't discuss companies, but it does describe a pervasive culture in the Valley.
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    All that and legalized weed to boot.
    Wtf is goin on out there RRY?:D
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    Weed is legal, grab ass is outlawed...bizzaro world.
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    What about naked lady tee's?
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    I think it's only available in 5 cities, SF and LA it's still not approved.. I think the illegal growers are lobbying hard against it being legal. It's basically been legal for years. I bet in the next years they will be trading futures on it.
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    Oh, my goodness, how shocking! Billionaire tech boys do hookers/sluts and dope on parties. Why is this dork thinking people are going to buy her book to read this lame crap?:confused:
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  7. Wait, so you’re saying Liberals say one thing and do another?
    Oh my, what a groundbreaking story!
    I’m shocked to hear of liberal hypocrisy, SHOCKED!
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    I think what is more hypocritical and shocking is every time you see one of their mansions on Dealmaker's R.E. posts you get a half chub and bust a clip in your britches.
  9. Ha! I do love real estate.
    Not sure how that is hypocritical or shocking, but whatever.

    Anyway, maybe someday you can move out of the pool boy house and into one of those mansions if you meet a rich guy at the Gloryhole.
    Good luck buttercup!