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    rlb21079 has started a new thread for ET traders to work together to develop trading techniques.

    As part of that thread, it became obvious that it might be a good idea to have a place where ET members could possibly find fully developed, profitable strategies that they might want to swap with another trader.

    The idea is simple in concept. If you have an interest in getting another trading technique from someone, and you are willing to share a technique with them, then we can use this forum to help make a swap possible.

    If this is useful, then we will see a wide range of ideas varying over many time frames, equities/futures, mechanical versus discretionary, etc. By trying to address as many of those issues in your post as possible, including the type of system you would like to swap for, maybe some good swaps can be made.

    How you handle the swap and all other details will be up to the individual ET members.

    As an example, I will make the first post on a system than I am open to swapping.

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    So here is an example of how this might work. Somebody would post something like the following:

    The attached is a countertrend technique applied on daily bars. Entries are at market open and exits at market close and the technique holds for several days so has overnight risk. Backtests well on Techie type stocks such as MXIM or KLAC. Performs poorly on slow moving NYSE type stocks.

    Only one parameter is used so probably not overly optimized.

    Test results are for 100 shares only, no MM applied. No commission or slippage is shown in the results.

    Sorry, I have not figure out how to get the equity plot out of TS yet so that is not attached. As you can probably see from the #'s, very smooth.

    Willing to trade for intraday or daily based system applied to equities with strong performance.

  3. Here is an breakout type system for indicies intraday. The system is not heavily optimized. It works best on the NQ futures. Trades well in real time and could easily be automated.

    The results shown below use a constant account size of $100,000 and an average risk of 1% per trade. In other words there is no compounding effect. Commissions were 2X IB rates.

    I am interested in swapping for longer time frame systems, sentiment based systems working well before 1997, systems working well on foreign indicies, systems based on external factors other than price, or anything else that is original.

    Please PM me first before sending anything more specific than system statistics. Hopefully this can be the start of many fruitful partnerships.
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    I had some one run an equity chart for the system I posted above. Since this was run in TS7 and my statistics were in TS6, may be some minor differences but you get the idea.