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  1. I think its time we got together and organized against Interaqctive Brokers. If they can't build a reliable Traders Work Station immediately we will move our account. Please vote.


  2. Perhaps IB needs to put this Java BS in the garbage can and
    come up with something more reliable?... :(
  3. what the fuck??

    the problem is with you, not with them.

    that shit is 100% tight with me and lotsa others, and for a java app, that is saying a TON.
  4. Just take eSignal+IB if you want similar feature, a very valuable package IMO.
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    Hmm .... Well, I think I told you that we tested their systems extensively and they are in most cases more reliable than many of the other retail players.

    The easiest thing to do if you are not happy with any vendor is simply close your account and use another vendor. You dont need to organize against the vendor since, unless you are running a proxy fight due to some type of ownership position, the vendor is unlikely to be concerned with your campaign if the bulk of their customers are happy and their service is well regarded.
  6. But Dung, You're using those under utilized Afghan/ Iraqi servers.
    The Royal Palace in Baghdad is great for IB.
  7. I was planning on closing my IB acct next week anyways.

  8. ktm


    Close your own account, jackass. I think most people who trade real dollars can make grown up decisions on their own and will switch when they feel the service warrants.

    Until then, enjoy your new brokerage.
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    Where you heading Fast ?
  10. Open E-Cry
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