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  1. Hi all

    1. I was wondering how you organise your execution data in Excel, eg if trading with Interactive Brokers. Do you run a query on Interactive Brokers, save the execution data as an Excel file, then organise with Excel's Power Query/Get Data functionality?

    2. A related question: Assuming you run several trading systems at your broker, how do you separate all the execution data, just using the Order Ref when you place an order at IB?

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    Don't know what you're terming "execution data", but I have spread/market data that I match with position data on a QuoteMonitor page that I scrape to a .csv as needed. I don't have separate accounts trading the same positions, so I can segregate with separate .csvs.

    I copy the data into a page reserved for just data, and then separate worksheet/pages take care of things from there. 71 SPX (or ES) strikes, 6 expiries, about 26 fields of market and position/account stuff.
  3. Thanks. What I meant by execution data was just the trade histories from IB.

    1. I manually manipulate the data in Excel to get P&L per trade (as IB dont show this in the Flex Queries) - I may change to using the Power Query/Get Data functionality in Excel to automate this manipulation.

    2. I run about 5 systems and currently they are all mixed up in the trade data and I manually separate them. I am thinking I may use the API more to write Order Refs to distinguish the systems.

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    Organizing your systems to separate QuoteMonitor pages would stamp that page's Order Ref. on each trade made, which would allow you to collect/manipulate it without further bother.
  5. Ah, thank you.